Dating rs germany marks

Silesia menu this is the alphabetically sorted index of all locations in the region of silesia that are listed so far please locate the town or city you are looking for and then check the company names which are offset to the right. Fakes, copies and reproductions of rs prussia, germany, suhl, poland for almost 100 years, 1869 to 1956, reinhold schlegelmilch's initials, rs, appeared in various marks on fine german porcelain. How to date nippon marks by keely brown updated april 12, 2017 these early pieces had back stamp markings consisting of the traditional japanese kanji characters for nippon (the japanese name for japan), as well as the word nippon spelled out in english.

Made in germany is a merchandise mark indicating that a product has been manufactured in germany history fag (fischers aktien-gesellschaft) metal tin the label was originally introduced in britain by the merchandise marks act 1887, to mark foreign produce more obviously, as foreign manufactures had been falsely marking inferior goods with.

Founded by reinhold schlegelmilch in what is now suhl, germany, rs prussia produced ornate and floral porcelain objects for export beginning in the late 1800s while many different marks were used on r s prussia pieces through world war i, two of the most recognized from this period were the green wreath mark with rs prussia in red.

After ww2 ended zeiss optik continued to operate in both west germany and east germany i believe a court decided the company in east germany was still allowed to use the name and their products were marked zeiss-jena. History of rs prussia the inaccuracies concerning reinhold's porcelain factory can be found in the first part of capers notes on the marks of prussia, (alphabet printing inc, 1996) objects in several mold patterns used between 1889 and 1892 are known to be marked with the rs arrow mark unfortunately, arrow marked objects do not.

Bogus marks - marks on these fakes range from a wreath with the letters rs without prussia below, to those that are simply off color and contain too much red others look fairly close to the original rs prussia mark , so it's wise to look at the characteristics of a piece in addition to the mark when determining the authenticity of a piece. Suhl what really confused collectors and dealers for quite some time is the fact that there were so many 'schlegelmilch' factories although the different firm owners had the same surname, they represented the production efforts of two distinctly un-related families.

  • Following the war, the factory moved to tillowitz, germany, and after world war ii the factory once again shifted venue, this time to poland rs prussia pieces were and continue to be highly valued, though individual pieces may be more or less expensive depending on a number of factors.
  • Rs prussia appears in several marks used on porcelain before 1917 reinhold schlegelmilch started his porcelain works in suhl, germany, in 1869 porcelain made by schlegelmilch factories is referred to by collectors as rs prussia see also es germany, rs germany, rs poland, rs silesia, rs suhl, and rs tillowitz.
  • Rs germany is part of the wording in marks used by the tillowitz, germany, factory of reinhold schlegelmilch from 1914 until about 1945 the porcelain was sold decorated and undecorated the schlegelmilch families made porcelains marked in many ways rs germany was printed in red, orange, green, and blue.

Dating rs germany marks
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